1.   Working group

- Appreciate cooperation and development among all members

- Group results represent individual work results

- A team that learns together, progresses together and succeeds together

- Resonate and enjoy together

2. Share

- Caring and helping each other from work to life

- Connect with people and create joy every day

- Be listened to and treated fairly

3.  Information exchange

- Facilitate searching for information and work data when necessary

- Listen and be listened to, thereby finding solutions to problems

- Say no to false information flows and rumors that cause internal division

- Share personal opinions, discuss and exchange democratically

4. Unlock potential

- Always aim for bigger goals

- Continuous innovation, innovation and development

- Recognize and value the existing capacity of each individual

- Encourage employees to learn and improve themselves every day

- Be trusted and given opportunities for higher responsibilities when ready

5. Responsibility to the collective

- Comply with company rules and work standards

- Be responsible for all assigned tasks

- Effort to complete work and create worthy results

- Always aim for the common goal of the team

6. Professional attitude

- Effectively control personal emotions, respect and listen to each other

- Aim for the ultimate goal to map out a solution to the problem

- Strictly comply with working procedures, ensuring work progress

- Dare to face, not afraid of difficulties, not hiding, not blaming